A Rose for Grandma

Must read

This caring story of a granddaughter coping with her beloved grandmother’s dementia provides practical ways for children to help


A Rose For Grandma is a heartwarming story of a young Toronto girl, Annie, whose beloved grandmother is diagnosed with dementia. Although Annie is scared, devastated and confused, she commits to doing everything she can to help her grandmother.

The book provides young people with valuable information about Alzheimer’s Disease, navigating their feelings when a family member is diagnosed, and how they can help their loved ones through compassion and understanding. It also encourages families to be open about their feelings, and reminds them that, dementia impacts everyone.

Although Dementia has reached epidemic proportions globally, it’s still not talked about much. My hope is that my this book which is the first one in a series of 3, will be a conversation starter.

Together, we can learn about this devastating disease, explore ways to prevent occurrences and stop dementia in its tracks.