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Grandpa has always inspired Tony to do well in school and enjoy basketball. When Grandpa is diagnosed with vascular dementia and starts acting a little different, Tony isn’t really sure how to feel or act. Loving someone who has changed can be hard, but by learning more about who his grandpa really is, Tony discovers that Grandpa is still an amazing person who deserves respect.


Unraveled is a story that beautifully captures the thoughts, concerns, and love that a young boy, Bill, and his sister Sarah, experience when they become worried about their grandfather’s health. Their concern for the changes they see taking place in their grandfather while he cares for their grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, also concerns their parents.

Unraveled is an endearing story that expresses and acknowledges the experiences and feelings of two young children who are concerned for their grandmother who is challenged by dementia and the impact it is also having on their grandfather and mother, too.

This beautifully written and illustrated book by beloved author Christiana Egi reveals how easy it is for loved ones to overlook the importance of their own health when they are concerned and worried about a loved one. It also shares how Bill and Sarah played an important part in helping support their loved ones too, while also learning about how important it is for everyone to take care of their health every day, even while they are looking after their loved ones.